Oakwood House Care Home in Ilford, London.

Oakwood House is a newly developed residential care home that has been designed for men and women between the age group of 18-65,for those with a Mental Health illness and associated conditions.

At Oakwood House we are committed to providing our residents with an excellent standard of support and dedication. Read about Oakwood House Residential care home for Mental Health.

We create and work in a ‘User-Led’ environment with ‘Person Centred Planning to ensure modern care and support no longer follows an institutionalised approach. This enables us to delicately tailor the support packages to meet the needs of each individual and encourage on-going personal development. This will help maintain and builds on their existing skills, developing self-confidence and promoting independence, importantly creating management and stability in a person’s existing Mental Health wellbeing.

We provide our residents with a warm and nurturing environment which allows them to thrive during their time living at Oakwood House.

Our specialist team of experienced staff are available to provide care; support and help to meet the needs of all residents based on ‘bespoke’ care plans and ongoing care plan approaches. These are implemented to ensure a sensitive service is provided treating each individual with respect, dignity and embracing ‘value the person’ to its highest level.

Opportunities are provided for individuals to learn new skills and plan for their future, this empowers residents and inspires them to work towards their further independence and to be in a as ‘normalised’ environment as possible.

Compliance Report 2015

Download the 2015 Compliance Report